Vol. 20 No. 4 (2015): Queer Aging

In a culture fixated on youth and health there is something inherently queer about aging. But what does it mean to age queerly and how do queers experience aging? In this special issue, a growing research field and urgent matter for many queer researchers, we present articles and essays, which take these questions as their point of departure. Authors address a range of themes; the article section includes a theoretical contribution on the issue of positive aging and an article on how older lesbians feminists experience close relationships and community. In the essay and We’re Here section the contributors offer autobiographical and moving accounts of the timely subjects of queer widowhood and the aging queer body. Put together we hope that this special issue will spark new thoughts, raise additional research questions, and contribute to continues discussions on age among queer researchers and activist.

Published: 2015-09-01