Association Lambda Nordica

The journal lambda nordica is published by the non-profit association Lambda Nordica (Swedish organisation registration No 802439-5306). The purposes and functioning of the association is regulated by the Statutes (Swedish only). Membership is available to all natural persons and subject to a yearly fee set by the annual general meeting. By signing up for a subscription of lambda nordica you will automatically become a member of the association, and thus invited to the annual meeting. The members present at the annual general meeting elect the editors-in-chief as well as the board of directors, who in turn deals with most of lambda nordica's administrative and financial matters.

Board of Directors

Anna Bark Persson, Ph.D. Candidate in Gender Studies at Södertörn University 

Emil Edenborg (secretary), Ph.D. in Political Science and researcher on global sexual politics

Anders Hansson (chairman), Ph.D. in Mathematics, treasurer 2010–2017

Sam Holmqvist (webmaster), Ph.D. in Comparative Literature and researcher on the history of transgender literature

Anna Lundberg, Associate Professor of Gender Studies

Ulla Manns (treasurer), Professor of Gender Studies, Södertörn University

Göran Söderström, Associate Professor of Art History and research officer, editor-in-chief of lambda nordica 1995–2015