Vol. 19 No. 2 (2014): Queer activism in Southern Europe

La primera revolucíon es la supervivencia, or ”the first revolution is survival,”  is  a  sentence  from  the  (first)  Spanish  queer  group,  La  Radical  Gai,  which  was  founded  in 1991  in  Madrid  and  was  very  active  throughout  the  decade.  More  than  twenty  years  later,  we  claim  the  same.  We,  unhappily,  share  the  activists’  anger  (and  also  many  ideas)  that motivated their emergence and protest in the streets in the context of the AIDS crisis.  The guest editorors of this special issue are interested in analyzing social mobilizations and resistances enacted by queer and feminist groups in this very unfriendly context. The contours of what is generally described as LGBTIQ politics in Southern Europe present significant  theoretical  and  political  challenges  to  anyone  interested  in  a  range  of  topics,  including  social  movements’  experiences  and  outcomes,  sexual   citizenship,  and  intimate  life.  One  thing  remains  clear  –  there  are  no   linear accounts, in the same way as there are no single-issue demands or strategies.

Published: 2014-03-01