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  • Call for Papers: Skev


    Detta temanummer av lambda nordica syftar till att undersöka hur skevbegreppet har utvecklats och hur det används idag. Vad kan vi göra med skev som inte kunnat göras tidigare? Hur förhåller sig skev till queer; kan begreppen användas parallellt eller bidrar de med olika saker? Vilka olika typer av normbrott kan skev beteckna?

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  • Call for Papers: Nordic Queer Cinema and Media


    In the present Nordic audiovisual media landscape, queer and trans characters and themes are more visible than ever. LGBTQ roles are increasingly being included in large broadcast drama series as well as in smaller web formats. Social media sites provide new audiovisual platforms for queer and trans media content, celebrity, activism and community building. The number of queer film festivals and events is steadily increasing. Still, despite the image of Nordic LGBTQ friendliness and increasing attention to diversity in cultural policies, queer and trans filmmaking and representation in feature length fiction remain relatively scarce. This special issue of lambda nordica on Nordic Queer Cinema and Media aims to address contemporary aspects of queer audiovisual publicity and world-making, as well as the history of queer cinema and media in the Nordic region.



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  • Annual Meeting


    All members are welcome to the annual meeting of the association Lambda Nordica, on monday March 5, 18.30, at Djurgårdens hembygdsförening, Skampålens torg, vid Breda gatan och Östra varvsgatan, Djurgårdsstaden, Stockholm.

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  • Call for Papers: Queer Concepts for the 2020s


    It has been almost thirty years since Teresa de Lauretis organized the conference at UC Santa Cruz from which queer theory emerged. While starting as a provocation, queer theory has in some ways become normalized as it has been integrated into academic disciplines and course syllabi all over the world. But it has also developed in many directions, and new concepts have come into use to facilitate for queer theory to keep its critical potential and provocative edge. This special issue of lambda nordica aims to address the status of queer theory today, with a particular focus on its theoretical concepts.

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  • New issue 1-2/2018 Queer readings/Reading the queer


    What is the status of queer readings today? Next issue of lambda nordica is a double special issue on queer readings, which has departed from this question, and the contributions show that queer reading practices are highly relevant as well as wide in scope. They display a variety of different queer approaches to literature and texts, and the contributors focus on different genres as well as texts from different time periods. The issue confirms that queer readings is a vital field with the critical potential to challenge norms and power structures, but also to discover new ways in which power operates. Read the new issue here.

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