Call for Special Issue Proposals


lambda nordica publishes original peer-reviewed research in the broad, interdisciplinary field of LGBT and queer studies. An open-access journal based in the Nordic region, it is the oldest journal of its kind in Northern Europe, and continues to exist independently of the global academic publishing complex. The journal accepts submissions in English and the Scandinavian languages, and all issues appear in print as well as in electronic versions. The journal uses an online manuscript submission and editorial system for all aspects of the editorial and publishing process. More about the journal, including subscription options here

We would especially welcome topics not previously covered in the journal’s themed issues. For an overview of lambda’s archive please check here.

We welcome empirically focused and theoretically focused proposals equally. Proposals with authors and editor(s) that represent a diversity in institutional affiliations, identifications, locations and academic experiences, are encouraged. 

The proposals should be between 2000 and 3000 words in total. Individual research articles should be 6000-8000 words in length; the maximum size for a special issue is 5-8 research articles (a single issue is 3-5 research articles, a double issue contains between 5 and 8 research articles). It is also possible - but not required - to propose titles for non-peer reviewed essays (4000-6000 words), for the ‘We’re Here’ section (max. 4000 words), and for ‘Cover Art’ (max. 2000 words) if you would like to propose to curate the cover design and include an introduction to the artist/s.

For the proposals, please include the following information, in this order:  

  • Name(s)s, affiliation(s) and contact email(s) of the guest editor(s). 
  • Proposed title of the special issue; please also indicate whether the issue is part of a research project, result of a proposed or already completed workshop/conference panel or similar. 
  • An abstract of 500-750 words that clearly states the topic’s focus and relevance, and the contribution of the special issue to queer scholarship, broadly defined. 
  • If relevant, the proposed titles of all individual contributions, as well as abstracts of 150-200 words and proposed word count for each article. 
  • Please also indicate the stage of completion of the articles (e.g. not yet written, first draft completed, revised drafts completed).

Please email proposals and/or any questions, to editors-in-chief Erika Alm and Elisabeth Lund Engebretsen at by 15 February 2023.  


The journal will announce (preliminarily) accepted proposals by 10 March 2023.

Special issue editor(s) are expected to submit the full manuscripts by early January 2025 for peer review. Detailed timelines will be worked out individually, in close cooperation between journal editors and special issue editors.

The issues will be published in 2026 and 2027, pending editorial and review processes.