Staging Intersectionality

An Aesthetics of Action

  • John-Paul Zaccarini
Keywords: intersectionality, music video, queer of colour, performance, disidentification


This essay follows the making of a queer of colour aesthetic space in the form of a music video entitled Brother, within a largely homogenous white University. The video places white heteronormativity on the periphery whilst intersectional brown bodies take the centre. It inverts racist and fetishistic tropes in music video culture and reverses the white male gaze. The making of the video created a small brown island in a sea of white as a vision of a future brown space protected from the ubiquitous, ambivalently festishizing white gaze; a gaze that projects its own narrative onto bodies of colour. It puts forward a thesis of racial agency, whereby the performance of “race” is scripted by the person of colour and not provoked by the construct of whiteness.


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Zaccarini, J.-P. (2021). Staging Intersectionality: An Aesthetics of Action. Lambda Nordica, 25(3-4), 126-138.