Thank You Drs Björklund and Dahl for your long and diligent work as editors!


The new issue of lambda nordica, “Queer Concepts for the 2020s” (no 4/2019-1/2020), will be the last one edited by Jenny Björklund and Ulrika Dahl, who are ending their terms as editors-in-chief of the journal. We, the Board of the journal, wish to extend our sincere and heartfelt thanks to Drs Björklund and Dahl for their long and diligent work as editors. Since they embarked, in 2012 and 2009, respectively, these individuals have transformed lambda nordica into an internationally recognized peer-reviewed journal attracting both well-known queer researchers and emerging scholars from across the world as authors. Globally accessible open access since 2012, the journal reaches thousands of readers on a yearly basis. Under Björklund’s and Dahl’s stewardship, lambda nordica has become the key outlet for LGBTQ research in the Nordic countries, contributing to ongoing academic conversations within queer theory and related fields, while remaining firmly rooted in activism and advocacy. The Board also expresses our deep gratitude for the dependable and long-lasting service of Karin Lindeqvist, who is resigning after nearly two decades as editorial secretary. Her meticulous proofreading and uncompromising standards have been instrumental in raising and upholding the journal’s quality, for the benefit of authors and editors alike. The Board of lambda nordica is excited to announce that, from the next issue, no 2/2020, the editorial team will be Erika Alm of Gothenburg University and Elisabeth Engebretsen of Stavanger University. A longer introduction of the new editors and their plans for the journal will follow as their first issue appears.