Call for Papers: 
The tensions and temporalities of pride politics


The idea of pride continues to travel across the globe to promote visibility and validity of LGBTI+ people. Yet, as a political movement and community of belonging, pride politics takes shape as a contested field in situated locales, at once challenged and cherished, bringing forth critical questions of the agendas, tactics and visions of its ever-increasing popularity. This special issue invites papers that draw on various types of ethnographic, empirical and theoretical approaches, with the aim to scrutinize the emergent tensions and temporalities of pride politics through its many shifting times and contexts, transnationally as well as locally.

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The tensions and temporalities of pride politics

Current Issue

Vol. 25 No. 2 (2020): Open issue

LAMBDA NORDICA no. 2 2020 is an open issue that spans a wide range of subjects, with research articles on such different topics as the examination of homonormativity, homonationalism and homocolonialism in queer struggles (Katharina Kehl), the naturalization of gender classification as an instrument for the state to manage populations (T. Odland), and the representation of female masculinity in action narratives and science fiction (Anna Bark Persson). The issue also offers an essay that revisits the queer, dyke and feminist interest in the Eurovision Song Contest (Tiina Rosenberg), and two We’re here texts with reflections on structural inequality through the lens of the unfolding global Covid-19 pandemic, detailing the deadly consequences of racist capitalism for queer people of colour (Di Wang) and problematizing comparisons between the Covid-19 pandemic and the HIV/AIDS pandemic (Lena Gross). Cover art by visual artist Ester Fleckner, Germany and Denmark, working from the perspective of queer epistemology.

Published: 2020-10-26


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