Call for Papers: Troubling Racism


Reflecting upon the intellectual and political preoccupations that unify those theorizing and imagining at the intersection of Black feminist thought/theory, critical race theory, and queer studies, what emerges is how the rampant racialized violences that continue to operate in the “wake” (Sharpe 2016) of the transatlantic slave trade and settler-colonialism shape BIPOCs’ contemporary experiences of subjugation and performances of subversion. Contemplating the racist mechanisms that seek to restrain bodies of colour in place alongside the oppositional techniques that queer, trans, and gender non-conforming BIPOCs persistently employ to claim their bodies in space, this special issue asks: if BIPOC bodies are so often situated through the twinned sites of racist desire and racist derision, how can our bodies be re-appropriated, re-modelled, or re-imagined as sites of subversion as we inhabit them in ways that repel, problematize or taunt the racist gaze?

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Current Issue

Vol. 26 No. 1 (2021): Open issue

THIS OPEN ISSUE includes research articles on hook-up app research (Paul Byron and Kristian Møller), kink memes in digital fandom cultures (Silja Kukka), and on how youth health clinics in Sweden approach clients with vulvar pain (Renita Sörensdotter). Magdalena Górska’s We’re Here contribution concerns the political significance of breathing. The introductory editorial by Elisabeth Lund Engebretsen and Erika Alm, takes a critical look at recent EU and pan-Nordic initiatives to improve LGBTQI+ rights and welfare. Five reviews of recently published PhD dissertations, books and anthologies conclude this issue. This issue’s cover art is by Norway-based artist Ahmed Umar, who also presents his work and vision in a short experimental section titled Cover Art.

Published: 2021-07-05
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